How grateful we are for the overflowing cup of talent in our community! I've known the incredibly talented Marié Abe for 15 years -- she is a virtuoso: player of many instruments, and now professor of musicology at Boston University, who has been focused on making amazing music on the accordion for some time now ... and she just happens to be one of the musicians in the outstanding DEBO BAND, gracing the stage at Bell House for one night only! to celebrate the release of their new album. Prepare to fall in love with this band, with its sound, with its explorations, and with its grinning, energetic, joyful musicians.

SONG FROM THE UPROAR is a "multimedia chamber opera" ...and is like nothing you've ever seen. Marrying intensely rigorous avant classical music from the visionary new composer Missy Mazzoli, with the filmic, aesthetic vision of Stephen Taylor, SONG FROM THE UPROAR is a personal, ecstatic, and immersive response to the life of Isabelle Eberhardt (1877-1904)-- an inspiring and little known tale in which the show's creators found "vibrant and relevant" parallels to their own: to the universal struggles for love and self-discovery in which we all take part.

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Who am I: David King

What am I: Educator. Writer. Songwriter. Performer. Artist. Where am I: New York, NY, USA         Kid tested, Exit Strata Approved Event:  4/20 at 10pm David King without the Confirmed Bachelors (solo acoustic set) Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY 

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[caption id="attachment_389" align="alignleft" width="594" caption="Sō Percussion"][/caption] Sō Percussion Pop-Out Media Player :: For your full multimedia pleasure, please click on this link to listen to selections from the Sō Percussion catalogue as you read! (oooooooooh, fancy!) Who is Sō Percussion? And what are they doing with that cactus? Well... what *aren't* they doing. No, seriously. These Brooklyn-based percussive polymaths come to Carnegie Hall tonight as part of the outstanding, genre bending, boundary pushing "American Mavericks" series put on by Carnegie Hall (and a range of neighborhood partners). I love these guys SO much (the puns are impossible to avoid here!), and they are a perfect example of the type of collaborative, expectation defying, community fostering, teaching, sharing, mentoring, hard working creatives that Exit Strata strives to emulate, encourage, and promote!

1942 Amsterdam Ave NY (212) 862-3680

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