[Photo: Tournaments in the “Culture of the Body” Course, 1975. Valparaíso, Chile. from Archivo Histórico Jose Vial.]

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From our earliest beginnings The Operating System has understood itself as an experiment in peer-to-peer, open source learning. With our limited resources, to date we have focused on continuing the tradition of documentation, publishing, distribution and archiving as a radical act of community building, while creating and circulating resources for engaging in these practices, as well as in resistance operations on the ground and in the classroom.
But the documentation / publishing infrastructure is and has always been only one facet of a much larger vision––one which we understand as part of a commitment to radical practices and pedagogy beyond the institution, which we believe will be essential for liberation, decolonialization, emancipation, and ultimately the sort of sustainable, commons-driven growth that will allow us to remain on this planet, together.
We’ve begun working behind the scenes on the next stages of this growth, in collaboration with the Threshold Academy and others committed to similar visions: we’ll be building a library of open syllabi, developing workshops and skillshares on and offline, and focusing on the production of open source work-books and guides for the individual, community, and classroom alike.
System/Body Hacking for Radical Change, and in tandem with this, the Collaborative Precarity Bodyhacking work-book and resource guide, (available here), as well as the work-book produced in tandem with the Entanglements network / conference are some early examples of initial forays into the type of project you’ll be seeing more of in future from us; you can also look back at the bones of the initial “Heroes and Hobos” cooperative website from before the OS even existed to see its origins.
If you’re interested in being part of building out tools and resources for radical pedagogy with us, be in touch! An initial work-books working group will be forming in the fall of 2019. Send us an email with your interest! We have online community meetings monthly.
In solidarity,
Lynne DeSilva-Johnson,
Creative Director and Founder
July 2019

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