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Who am I: David King

What am I: Educator. Writer. Songwriter. Performer. Artist.
Where am I: New York, NY, USA
Kid tested, Exit Strata Approved Event: 
4/20 at 10pm
David King without the Confirmed Bachelors (solo acoustic set)
Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY 

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Ed: David King has a way with words. See above:

The video seen here, “Catepillar,” is from King’s former outfit, The Morgues.

It’s a good example of how his music approaches the use and integration of language — not only as a “lyric” but as a thing: something physicalized, looked at, created, handled, learned, used, experienced, and expressed.

For me, David’s work begs the question “how can I begin to collaborate with *myself,*” even if opportunities for working with others are not readily available? How can forcing ourselves to interact with a variety of media, to produce and create interdisciplinarily assist us in accelerating our critical practice?

As both a poet/writer and a musician, King not only uses but addresses the craft, performing reflexive somersaults throughout that expect the audience to tumble along – something that isn’t necessary but far more satisfying, particularly if you are a word-nerd yourself.

It’s intelligent music — music that makes you work. Music that wants engagement, that uses not only the dialogue of word but the framework of the song (and the physicalized, spiritualized, and emotionally charged landscape of music to which a song, vs. a poem, is especially privy) to demand acknowledgement and reckoning in the willing.

This is the sort of evolutionary stuff this moment is made of. Makes you feel a little smarter just to say you knew him when.

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