If you are unfamiliar with our previous and/or forthcoming publications, please take a moment to review our catalogue here.

If you’re wondering if THE OPERATING SYSTEM is right for you, consider this: our previous and forthcoming authors have ranged in age from 20 to 80. For many, this is their first book.

We are interested in supporting those who are interested in supporting each other and the community — we care less about your pedigree and more about your energy. And most of all we care about your voice: that it is uniquely yours.

We will never publish derivative, standard issue work — we’d rather take a risk on an unknown than publish more of the same from a star.

We understand the creative impulse as a political and social action, and publishing as a tool in a larger fight to directly circumvent the top-down writing of history. Ideally, you are already engaged in your work in a way that understands this — or you’d like to be.

We believe it is a privilege and a joy to enter into this process with you – and you will always retain rights to your material. However, we are committed to releasing the fear of a scarcity economy, and whenever possible publish under a creative commons license that encourages educational and other non commercial sharing. We support the establishment of new protocol that work for the creative community, and support our growth – not those that stifle and teach fear, under the apparent flag of “protection.”

THE OS reviews poetry, fiction, plays, and other genre-nonconforming project manuscripts year round.
Underrepresented voices are in particular encouraged to apply.

Our catalog is complete through 2017, and we’ve announced a portion of our 2018 catalog, but we are continuing to accept manuscripts via our SUBMITTABLE PAGE for potential future titles. Please note: titles should clearly demonstrate a familiarity with our mission and catalog; you should speak to why you feel the work is a good fit for the OS specifically with your submission.

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