May 2012

Exit Strata is pleased to invite you to an exciting event celebrating art, collaboration, and community in Brooklyn this coming sunday. F.O.K.U.S. [Fighting Obstacles Knowing Ultimate Success] is an arts organization founded at UMich in 2003 by art students committed to promoting and creating opportunities for creative individuals and communities -- it now has chapters in New York and Ann Arbor, and is a fully fledged 501c3 nonprofit, which has been organizing public events like this one ever since! Awesome Creator Anna Barsan, of the Signified Project [in collaboration with Jessie Levandov] started working with FOKUS in Ann Arbor, and is now a member of the NYC chapter; along with Gio(vanna) Fischer, Anna was instrumental in bringing this event into being... and to our attention! The focus of FOKUS is right in line with our own, and we could not be more thrilled to introduce our communities to each other. Without further ado, THE FLOCK:

Exit Strata is pleased to present community member Georgia Elrod's curated list of work now showing at NYC galleries, from the well known and established to the obscure and avant garde, across the boroughs -- here she offers a generous array of selections demonstrating the breadth and diversity of today's art scene. 
Right now there's so much great work being shown. Often after leaving Chelsea I feel disappointed but yesterday was not the case, there are a lot of great shows there. Being a painter myself, a lot of these recommendations are painting shows. There are so many more but here are some highlights worth seeing. Some are about to close so do it now!
Check out:   Sarada Rauch "Jellyfish Piano", @ AC Institute [image above] 547 W. 27th, #610, NYC Through May 26th   Ariel Dill "Oscillations" @ Southfirst 60 N. 6th, Williamsburg BK Through May 27th   Jeremy Willis "Jackie and Judy" @ Allegra LaViola 179 E. Broadway, NYC   Kristen Jensen "It's No One's Fault" @ Norte Maar 83 Wykoff Ave, Bushwick BK

SONG FROM THE UPROAR is a "multimedia chamber opera" ...and is like nothing you've ever seen. Marrying intensely rigorous avant classical music from the visionary new composer Missy Mazzoli, with the filmic, aesthetic vision of Stephen Taylor, SONG FROM THE UPROAR is a personal, ecstatic, and immersive response to the life of Isabelle Eberhardt (1877-1904)-- an inspiring and little known tale in which the show's creators found "vibrant and relevant" parallels to their own: to the universal struggles for love and self-discovery in which we all take part.

[caption id="attachment_986" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="illustration by tom joyce"][/caption] With Poetry Month recently ended, I find myself having separation anxiety from the influx of lovestuff our 30/30/30 series was made of.  I've been excited to note that our poetry community's efforts have been making the rounds -- that connections are being established, gratitude circulated, and love received amongst circles of readers, friends, our terrific contributors, and many of the profiled poets, as well. Of course, to everything there is a season and by no means does April's close equate an end to Exit Strata's commitment to mutual appreciation. In fact, it gives us an opportunity to shine more, and well deserved light on our ongoing AWESOME CREATORS profile series, the inauguration of which slipped in on little cat feet amidst the Poetry Month festivus. What a bunch of awesome folk we've got in the bullpen to introduce to you this season! We could not be more excited, and since I've always been the kind of kid who wants to wear ALL her new clothes RIGHT AWAY I just *had* to share. I've given you mini preview schpiels here, in case you want to w(h)et? your whistle. You can look forward to conversations with: RICHARD EOIN NASH : RED LEMONADE, SMALL DEMONS ANNA BARSAN/JESSIE LEVANDOV: SIGNIFIED NICK LEAVENS : THE CLAQUE JOSEPH RIIPPII VELCROW RIPPER : OCCUPY LOVE POETRY SOCIETY OF NEW YORK / NY POETRY FESTIVAL ___ WOOHOO!

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