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How grateful we are for the overflowing cup of talent in our community! I've known the incredibly talented Marié Abe for 15 years -- she is a virtuoso: player of many instruments, and now professor of musicology at Boston University, who has been focused on making amazing music on the accordion for some time now ... and she just happens to be one of the musicians in the outstanding DEBO BAND, gracing the stage at Bell House for one night only! to celebrate the release of their new album. Prepare to fall in love with this band, with its sound, with its explorations, and with its grinning, energetic, joyful musicians.

Field Notes: From the Inlet                                                        June 5th, 11 pm Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY   For starters: Talk of caliopes. Caliopes. Stray cats mewling on stoopfronts and dumpsters, borne into alleys panting. The incoming exodus of pushcarts and their ices, spokes pumped with Mets cards, their winter quarters unknown. Hydrants relieved and their fittings revealed. New streams clearing out trashjams on the G line. Someone saying “someone painted something on some building and did you know?” Big talk about how soon and how bad and how long and how hot. Flat tops and tattoos and everything cut sharp for sweating. Piedmont creeping up from the south and backsweats drickling down.   If you haven’t heard enough of this garbage, just wait. All sorts of things are said about summer in the city and frankly, I will not have it. Whatever intrigue maintained the attention of your Alaskas, your Seattles, your Portlands and Minnesotas has surely dried up by the time you hit June, and if you’re one of them, and you’re lucky, it’s time to hit the road for a few months.   Myself, I am Alaskan born. Summer is the season of the sockeye. For others it is re-shingling, re-siding, decking, painting, some kind of hometown gig you begrudge seasonally, out of that season. For me it is sockeye, and a gillnet, and a boat.

Baby's all grown up! From its humble, DIY origins six years ago, Bushwick Open Studios [BOS] has blossomed into a behemoth of truly staggering proportions. This year, the festival -- highlighting arts and culture born and bred in this vibrant, buzzing, quarter of the Brooklyn creative map -- hosts an almost unbelievable 545 Events.  It's a veritable smorgasbord, and like all festivals of this type is sure to include the good, bad, and the ugly. But the ugly could in fact be simply challenging, and you might just stumble onto the private studio of someone you'll later be able to say, "oh wow, I went to their show back in Bushwick in 2012!" -- but of course Bushwick itself has grown both as a real estate alternative and a refuge for artists fleeing rising rents in other parts of the city, and the weekend now hosts many artists already quite well known, represented, and collected internationally. 

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