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ART CITY! : Bushwick Open Studios, June 1-3

Baby’s all grown up! From its humble, DIY origins six years ago, Bushwick Open Studios [BOS] has blossomed into a behemoth of truly staggering proportions.
This year, the festival — highlighting arts and culture born and bred in this vibrant, buzzing, quarter of the Brooklyn creative map — hosts an almost unbelievable 545 Events. 
It’s a veritable smorgasbord, and like all festivals of this type is sure to include the good, bad, and the ugly. But the ugly could in fact be simply challenging, and you might just stumble onto the private studio of someone you’ll later be able to say, “oh wow, I went to their show back in Bushwick in 2012!” — but of course Bushwick itself has grown both as a real estate alternative and a refuge for artists fleeing rising rents in other parts of the city, and the weekend now hosts many artists already quite well known, represented, and collected internationally. 
Don’t know what to see, how to get there, how to choose?
Well, if you’ve got an iPhone… there’s an app for that. No, literally.
In another example of how the on the ground creative community is coming into its own, empowering connection and user-friendly networking via social media/technology, the savvy Arts in Bushwick team came up with this FREE app to help you have the best experience possible at the festival. Ingenuity at work.
Coming up next week (with feature posts on each):
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FIGMENT festival at Governor’s Island, June 9 – 10
BIONIC GARDENS opens at Flux Factory, June 9

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