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Exit Strata is pleased to present community member Georgia Elrod's curated list of work now showing at NYC galleries, from the well known and established to the obscure and avant garde, across the boroughs -- here she offers a generous array of selections demonstrating the breadth and diversity of today's art scene. 
Right now there's so much great work being shown. Often after leaving Chelsea I feel disappointed but yesterday was not the case, there are a lot of great shows there. Being a painter myself, a lot of these recommendations are painting shows. There are so many more but here are some highlights worth seeing. Some are about to close so do it now!
Check out:   Sarada Rauch "Jellyfish Piano", @ AC Institute [image above] 547 W. 27th, #610, NYC Through May 26th   Ariel Dill "Oscillations" @ Southfirst 60 N. 6th, Williamsburg BK Through May 27th   Jeremy Willis "Jackie and Judy" @ Allegra LaViola 179 E. Broadway, NYC   Kristen Jensen "It's No One's Fault" @ Norte Maar 83 Wykoff Ave, Bushwick BK

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