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Internet Treasure Hunting: FLAME – Waldman/Bye

After Bill Considine sent me his terrific poetry and sound collaboration with Ambrose Bye, I was poking around for more of Bye’s collaborations and found this wonderful video on YouTube that he made with his mother, the inimitable Anne Waldman (who always inspires). It is based on Aristophenes’ Speech on Love, from Plato’s Symposium, made familiar to a broader public via John Cameron Mitchell’s groundbreaking film/musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. (You can see the equally stunning song Hedwig sings on this topic, Origin of Love, here — the wonderful animations in this, the film version, were done by Emily Hubley, a worthy creator in her own right!)
Just wanted to share it with you all, in the interest of not only wonderful poetry, but also in encouraging our growing openness to thoughts about love, relationships, sexuality, and gender.

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