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Big Bang Theory / Open Call for Multimedia and hybrid/digital/cross genre work

Below you can see the visual I created for my piece, Big Bang Theory. If you create hybrid pieces like this, or have ever been inspired to, we would love to showcase these inter-media-ry explorations either here or in our print publication (as suits each entry).
If you never have created pieces like this, and would like to start, we can help you learn how to use either physical or digital graphic design materials. No dough? No problem! I created this using the open source/online editor, Picknik, which is free to use — and with a 99cent glue stick, a printer, and some imagination there are endless possibilities for analog equivalents.
Please let us know if a workshop on a topic such as this is up your alley!
The original text for Big Bang Theory can be found here, at The Trouble With Bartleby.


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