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WORK ONLY :: In the Studio with Barney Haynes

Work Only Episode 3: ” The Propagation of the Symbiont: In the studio with Barney Haynes
Barney Haynes has been working in the fields of video art, performance, reactive installation, and invasive media for 20 years. In his art he has adopted an iterative approach to media making, recombining themes and industrial surplus into media machines that evolve and mutate. For seven years he worked on The Symbiont, an installation that has a symbiotic relationship with a lone participant. Recently he has been involved in dissecting the Symbiont and utilizing its various component parts in new projects.

We’re excited to have the opportunity to continue to bring you episodes of WORK ONLY, which we previewed recently  with an intimate breakfast with Arts in Bushwick‘s Laura Braslow, talking about community change. While WORK ONLY’s creator, artist Shanna Maurizi, toils away to bring you hot new episodes, we thought we’d raid her archive and share some of the early videos with you, which you’ll be seeing over the next few weeks.
That’s the great thing about the story of art and process – it’s simply not time sensitive. These questions, these actions, this work… these are often THE questions, have been and will continue to be. We’ll be working more in 2013 with an active relationship to an exploded/removed time continuum of creative practice drawing on the idea of the archive. Stay tuned…

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