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Heliopolis Project Presents:

the golden green selves of lewis rist
(an autobiography prepared for the soul’s delight)
if words are the wrist
then music’s the perfume
-Little Wings
“Stop Listening, Glenn Gould.”
-Own Face, Clark Coolidge
recent works by Colter Jacobsen
artist-in-residence at Heliopolis
January 9 -26 2013
viewing / January 24 7-10pm
Brooklyn- fractured land
Broken by brooks
Bach as stream through
Glen as narrow valley

Colter Jacobsen is an artist living in San Francisco, Berkeley and Ukiah, California. He loves poetry. He plays music. He is best at keeping a beat. He also plays guitar though F, B, G7 and many many other chords give him much trouble. He also plays with a band called Coconut. He has a cat named Everything that is in his lap right now.
the alien light of the honeycomb/ alit from its premises (From the Golden West Notebook, Jason Moirris)..”Note on Sonnets: Why are we as human beings so sturdy? How can we conscion existence much less love? Is that why we have philosophy? Why deconstruct so innately? Is the sonnet form a form of abdication of reality? Because it is so neat & thus does have conclusion? Is poetry’s method of conclusion disjoined to for instance the life of a bee?” (Bernadette Mayer, Sonnets). Scanning the long selves of the shore (Ted Berrigan, Sonnets). From the magicians midnight sleeve/ the radio-singers/ distribute all their love-songs/ over the dew-wet lawns./ And like a fortune-teller’s/ their marrow-peircing guesses are whatever you believe (Elizabeth Bishop, Late Air)

Our good friends at The Heliopolis Project curate and create out of a small storefront located in Greenpoint Brooklyn “dedicated to fostering a dialogue across all disciplines of making” – they are also the proud East Coast hub of Push Press. You can read more about these AWESOME CREATORS here, at the archive of posts on previous shows and other offerings from its collective members.
We’re loving the ExitStrataesque semi-absurdist bio from Jacobsen above, but it bears noting that this humble, poetry-inspired artist who so admirably focuses his “about” text on the work, the work, the work, the inspiration and the work (and not the accolades) was selected as a 2010 SECA (Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art) Fellow by SFMoMA (where he showed in 2012), is represented by Corvi Mora in London, and has been profiled in ArtForum, Freize, and other publications that make art people pay attention.
Not that it matters — you know how we do here at ExSt! — but we’re excited that Jacobsen and his practice are getting deserved attention — and that we have the opportunity to connect to him and see what he’s working on in Heliopolis’ intimate quarters.
Here’s a lovely interview from the SFMoMA blog — because, really, we just want to keep hearing him reference Bernadette Meyer’s influence. Come out and see this work with us tomorrow evening in Greenpoint!
154 Huron Street
Brooklyn NY 11222
(btwn Manhattan and Franklin Avenue)
G Train to Greenpoint – walk towards India
Open Sat and Sun 2-6

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