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This past fall Vancouver artist Carrie Walker traveled to rural Pennsylvania to sketch the locations of a strange and brutal 1700’s ritual called a “circle hunt”, an event in which early colonists formed a 30-mile circle and slaughtered every animal within its borders. She aims to draw the animals back into their environment, thus creating a ritualistic reversal, a futile restoration, an archive and an epitaph, while at the same time illustrating the complexities and absurdities inherent in the relationship between civilization and wildlife. Work Only talked with her about bloodthirsty americans and how to draw a proper landscape, on a picturesque day at the Central Park duck pond.

We’re excited for this fourth installment of WORK ONLY — we love video for its immediacy, and love the way filmmaker Shanna Maurizi both frames the artist/work within conversation as well as letting each episode seem like a private, untempered window into their working world and process. Check out our previous installments below:
In the studio with sculptor Kate Clark
A dialogue with multimedia artist Barney Haynes
Breakfast and chat on community change with Arts in Bushwick‘s Laura Braslow
While Maurizi toils away to bring you hot new episodes, we’ll continue to raid her archive and share some of the early videos with you — transparent process dialogue never gets stale.

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