The Operating System


Kate Clark creates striking sculptures that synthesize the human face onto the bodies of wild animals. In the pursuit of a longstanding interest in the face and its unique abilities for expression, abilities which separate us from other mammals, she brings to the surface uncomfortable tensions within our history as recently civilized animals. Evolution, the nature/culture divide, dreams and nightmares are some of the topics that come up when Work Only visits her in her studio near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, as she prepares new pieces for Claire Oliver’s booth at Art Basel Miami Beach.

This terrific peek into sculptor Kate Clark’s studio and mind marks our third installment of  WORK ONLY, following up on creator Shanna Maurizis dialogue with multimedia artist Barney Haynes, and our premiere installment, an intimate breakfast and chat on community change with Arts in Bushwick‘s Laura Braslow. While Maurizi toils away to bring you hot new episodes, we’ll continue to raid her archive and share some of the early videos with you — transparent process dialogue never gets stale.

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