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There is no better feeling than being able to announce a new and exciting venture from community members… especially one whose mission is as near and dear to our hearts as the championing of independent presses! Hooray!

Join co-founders Matthew Nelson and Jacob Perkins for the Grand Opening of Mellow Pages Library and Reading Room, which opens its doors to the public TONIGHT!, Thursday, February 21st at 7pm for a night of beer, impromptu readings and most importantly, a look at their collection, which already boasts over 500 independently printed books, zines and magazines.

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While the library’s pleasures are satisfyingly tactile and old school in nature, lubricated by freeflowing coffee and inspired by Seattle’s lo-fi Pilot Books (which closed in 2011), Nelson and Perkins are wise to integrate their efforts beyond the 250 square foot former painting studio, reaching out to the vibrant, teeming and geographically vast virtual literary community via a tumblr, facebook (obvs), and a good reads list, set up to keep track of their holdings.

For locals interested in getting longtermcozy, the library is an easy trip, located right above the Morgan L stop at 56 Bogart St., and a cheap membership ($20/year) will give you full rental access and in-house coffee. How quickly do YOU spend $20 on coffee? I’m just sayin. It’s a deal.

For non-members and visitors from beyond our fair metropolis, the reading room is completely open to the public (~9-5 every day, or by appointment (or when we’re awake)), coffee available by donation.




Jacob and Matt have been kicking around the Exit Stratfamily for some time now, after a happenstance meeting at the 2012 chapbook festival. The two often collaborate across a range of mediums, and their first contribution was this great
ece on Paul Legault for last year’s poetry month series.  Then, over the summer, Jacob was one of the first to contribute a series of field notes, from a fishing boat in Alaska, a painting from which later appeared in Print! Vol.2.  Matt was also featured in that issue as a contributing artist for our CoCo salon, and most recently Jacob shared some new fiction with the community at our January celebration at Launchpad Brooklyn. We couldn’t be prouder of them! What a terrific new space for the community!

Jacob’s visual practice can be found here, and his poetry here. Look for Mellow Pages on local brooklyn television! They’ll be on site celebrating the launch. Big time.

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