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SOUND: :27 Kiss Video & the Small Rock of ADC

:27 Kiss
Directed by ADC & Louis Lucci
Just another Saturday night in Astoria for the band ADC (otherwise known as Another Dead Clown). :27 Kiss is the first music video (and first single) from their recent EP “Everyone Went Home Alone”.
The small rock/electric folk band helmed by singer-song writer Chris O’Keeffe has been rocking the Queens/NYC music scene since 2011 with jazz musician Gerad O’Shea (formerly of Urban Sun) on bass & keys, opera singer Meagan Brus on the accordion, and the reverend Ian Deming on the ukulele. The motto of ADC is simple: friends playing music and drinking whiskey. The name of the band itself is an inside joke in honor of the goofy band names they used to make up as teenagers.
“Everyone is in this band,” says O’Keeffe before each show, often inviting musician friends to come up on stage and handing out percussion instruments to random audience members.
It’s that bohemian spirit of friends making music together without any studio pretension or rockstar stagecraft that makes ADC so unique. Not to mention the fact that O’Keeffe is a seriously talented song writer whose sincere and poetic lyrics are alternately funny, tender, tragic, and exuberant.
ADC is currently working on their first full-length album (recorded this summer inside an old barn in Ludlow, MA) and their first EP “Everyone Went Home Alone” is available for download online.
You can also catch ADC live at the Parkside Lounge in the Lower East Side on September 7th.

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