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In this new, weekly [RE:CON]VERSATION series-within-a-series, thought leader and strategist Jennifer Sertl brings us #REFLECTIONS : a curated list of links mined from her substantive, expansive social technology practice. These resources span geographic and disciplinary bounds to identify sources of guidance and resilience that promise to be of use as we grow in our personal and community behaviors, seeking creative and professional evolution.
She writes:


“I care deeply that human value remains in every conversation regarding technology. I feel we are losing our way as big business is employing sociologists, social anthropologists and neuroscientists for sales and marketing purposes. What makes me sad is that the mind technology is not being used to help  people make better decisions or foster greater levels of leadership.

So with the wingspan I can stretch it is my hope to foster conversations that invite resilience, responsiveness and reflection. Just like bones need pressure for strength and growth, so does intelligence. It is my hope that the material I contribute fosters critical thinking, scenario planning, and appreciation for a more robust ecosystem. Regardless of how globally connected we are, we still have work to do to connect with our authentic voice and purpose.


Your competitive advantage is the accuracy in which you scan the macro and the way you articulate your life experience. With all the noise and the data it can be hard to keep focused on what is truly most important. It is my hope that these links contribute to your ability to be more connected to who you are at your core and also what you care the most about.


Attribution is vital – so you will see references where possible so you can find these people for your own inspiration.”

In the rigor,

Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it – Hannah Arendt

When I was looking for an image for reflection  – this image was the only one that would work as it has so many meanings.
I leave it to you to tell your story . . .

1) #reflection: Familiarity Can Be Dangerous … my invitation for rigor & courage via @huffpostbiz

2) #reflection: Daniel Dennett’s Seven Tools for Thinking … via @timrayner01  

3) #reflection: Sage Wisdom for Contemporary Time …  by @timrayner01

4) #reflection: Blue Ocean Strategy for Your Own Personal Brand … by @DrAmitInspires  

5) #reflection: How Serious Are We About Learning? … by @cdnorman


6) #reflection: Replace GPS w/ a Compass …  by @jabaldaia #a3r

7) #reflection: Map of Meaning … by @SaybrookU force function 1x per

8) #reflection: Global Happiness Index + Carl Jung + Happiness … by @ericbestonline

9) #reflection: If you don’t like your future, rewrite your past … by @RosabethKanter

10) #reflection: The Myth of Free Will … my pov with @DrAmitInspires   


Jennifer Sertl is an internationally respected author, keynote speaker & the president and founder of Agility3R. Agility3R is a training and development company dedicated to strengthen strategic and critical thinking skills. As a thought leader in the emerging field of corporate consciousness she uses neuroscience and existential philosophy to inspire leaders. Jennifer’s book Strategy, Leadership and the Soul, published by Triarchy Press in the UK provides an innovation model that integrates personal development and business strategy.

Most recently she was a speaker at the Asian Banker Summit in Bangkok, Thailand and at Sibos in Osaka, Japan discussing leadership, globalization and innovation.
Jennifer runs a business simulation strategy game called Interplay™ that facilitates awareness and personal accountability focused upon quantifying intangible assets and human capital.
Caring very deeply about the intersection between human values and technology, she is a strategic advisor to Washington, DC’s think tank Center for Policy and Emerging Technology (C-PET). She was also included in documentary Well-Being In the Digital Age produced by @RDigitaLIFE.
Jennifer has three children ranging in age from kindergarten to high school and is active in her community. She holds dual majors in English and philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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