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PRINT! Vol. 2 Launch Party Line-up Announced : HOLY COW

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Please Choose One; Sara Shaoul, Woodblock on Rice Paper, 2012.

hold on to your seats, boys and girls. we’ve got a stellar line up for you next friday.

your resolution for 2013? go to truly awesome, staggeringly blessed events where people like THESE share their hard work and talents with you. every single one of them is an active member of this incredible community, and represent both our print and web publications.
Exit Strata PRINT! vol. 2  Celebration
Friday January 4th at 7 pm (readings start at 8)

performances include:


Daniel Owen (suns’s skeleton)




conceptual art from Sara Shaoul (
video from Eliza Swann (


music from Bob Goldberg / Famous Accordian Orchestra (


Please and thank you.
We mentioned we love you?
We love you.

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