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POETRY MONTH : Inspiration, Community, Tradition :: Week 2 :: Editorial Recap

April 1st brought us poetry month, and on that day of inauguration and celebration many members of this community came together for POTLATCH 2012 to share and co-create. (Photos, updates, and CoCo content to come — follow link above for gallery). We read, we shared, we sang, we broke bread, we laughed, and we felt — well, I’ll speak for myself — I felt in my very cells a shift towards what can be possible when a community commits to themselves and each other, and the work we make individually and together.
The elation, the purity of relaxation into common purpose, the love and mutual respect has carried on not only from this event but from this week’s posts, kicking off Exit Strata’s wholehearted effort to serve as a platform for this love-in and value creation via virtual space. 
I’ve seen so many of the “tribe” this week, many of whom have reported back the shifts they experienced thus bolstered, which I myself have felt. Who is curating a show, who is giving a reading, who got a fellowship, who had that conversation they felt scared to have, who finished that piece they were struggling with? It changes everything to tell yourself “I can, and I am.” To tell someone else (and to hear), “you can, and you are,” and together to know that “we can, and WE ARE.”
In this spirit, I am very excited to offer you another week of community-sponsored inspiration.
Week 1 Recap:
Lynne DeSilva-Johnson (hey, that’s me!) on Mina/Traver Pam Dick
Pete Reilly on Mary Oliver
Bill Considine on Elinor Nauen
Tishon Woolcock on Orhan Veli Kanik
Caits Meissner on Adam Falkner
Jacob Perkins and Matt Nelson on Paul Legault
Gregory Crosby on Kenneth Fearing

And I’m excited to bring you, this week: Frank Ortega (today!), Maryam Parzhikar, Sarah Pinder, Pamela Laskin, Jack Cooper, Frank Sherlock, and Daniel Owen!
Here’s a few more pictures of us in our element. Making magic happen, kids. BOOM!

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