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Well, friends, we’ve gotten this far on the proverbial shoestring, but now we need your help!
Will you help Exit Strata survive for the next year as we continue to grow?
Please give what you can to our INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN today, and share it with your friends!
It’s been such an exciting year ! …so exciting in fact that we have grown far beyond our abilities to keep ourselves financially afloat.  As a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, we are now eligible to apply for grants from a range of philanthropic and community organizations, but these are hard to come by and the cycle can last for a year or longer. In the interim, we are in your hands!
We were absolutely floored with the breadth, originality, and craft of the submissions we received for PRINT! Vol. 2, which we are preparing to send to the printers at this very moment …while submissions for our spring 2013 PRINT! Volume are already rolling in!
With a little help from our friends, a lot of elbow grease, countless hours and a lot of out of pocket expenses on the part of the Editorial staff PRINT! Vol.1 was an amazing success. We printed a standard edition, a handprinted limited edition letterpress edition, and a letter/screen printed broadside – all of which have nearly sold out at festivals and independent booksellers.
It’s important to us that we increase that run, so we can share this beautiful, challenging publication – and the tools, exercises, and models it provides – with a larger audience, as well as begin to offer it in earnest for educational use, perhaps its most exciting (and crucial) role.
Education and community programming is so much of what we do. Your support will also help us continue to facilitate workshops and community outreach on and offline, as well as help us continue training creatives in the use of social technologies to create vibrant, sustainable, cooperative alternatives to the struggles we so often face in our professional lives. We also began hosting a hybrid concert and reading series this summer, the upcoming schedule for which will be announced soon.
Essentially and immediately, we’re coming to you for help printing and distributing these next two PRINT! issues, each of which features the work of over 30 international artists and writers — as well as work cocreated by our community members at our recent CoCo (Collaborative Content) salon.
In addition, we need your assistance to support our nascent expansion into the small-scale publication of chapbooks and artists books, which we’re excited to announce. Our first imprint of these volumes is scheduled to hit bookstores and festivals in Spring 2013.
Dollars and Sense :: Immediate Financial Needs of Exit Strata

  • issue 1, issue 2 :: printing and distribution
  • broadsides and craft production
  • chapbook and artist book publication
  • reading/concert series, salons, workshops
  • community outreach
  • technology, virtual network expansion
  • administrative costs

You can help us grow and thrive, and help us to continue building this community to support creative people everywhere!
Every donation counts, even the price of a cup of coffee. That’s what’s so wonderful about crowdfunding.
You can also change the course of Exit Strata’s future simply by spreading the word about our campaign to your social networks, on facebook or twitter, via email, or anyway you prefer! Take it to the streets!
We are so incredibly humbled and grateful to be able to serve this incredible community, to be a part of your lives, and to have you in our own. This is a turning point for all of us, we like to think — and we can’t do it without you.
For all that you do.
For being part of the Exit Strata family.
For getting up and MAKING THINGS day after day.
We think you’re pretty damn awesome.
The ExSt Editorial Corps: Doug, Lynne, and Ben

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