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FIELD NOTES : JACOB PERKINS: From the Cannery, Pt 2

Straight from Kodiak — our second installment from poet and artist, Jacob Perkins.
Here’s an excerpt from PT 1 – to contextualize the images and drawings below. More words are incoming… he’s on a fishing boat in Alaska, after all!
“Myself, I am Alaskan born. Summer is the season of the sockeye. For others it is re-shingling, re-siding, decking, painting, some kind of hometown gig you begrudge seasonally, out of that season. For me it is sockeye, and a gillnet, and a boat.
Whether or not you’re leaving your medium; the palette, the sound equipment, the studio, the computer; or if you’re lucky enough to bring them along, one thing is clear: summer is time to get down to some hard work, psychologically, ideologically, literally.”

A 45 pound Lingcod we caught in Kodiak

Kodiak Harbor – Pen and Ink


Grouper, Aground – Pen and Ink

FIELD NOTES  from the Cannery:

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