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FIELD NOTES: Architectural Uncanny :: Poetics and the Built Environment with Martin Byrne

Byrne’s installation, the “Occupiable Sculpture” Digilog Futures, at 83 Gallery (Columbus, OH)

Day # 5 (1.5) 
Wake feeling strangely ok.
This does not last.
Where do poetics and the built environment overlap? What do we take in, what do we observe? Where are the boundaries where we end and our context begin? Or are these boundaries illusory?
What of these questions when you engage with and build this environment? When the city, the block, the structure, the wall, all that recedes as existent, is your medium? In this mini-series of FIELDNOTES, architect and poet Martin Byrne lets us peek into his mind/journal.

Martin explains his process and challenges the label poet while writing extraordinarily poetically HERE

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