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CoCo Online POETRY MONTH PROJECT: 30 posts, 30 poets, 30 days: call for participants!

Poets, Lovers, Friends —
Exit Strata would like to invite you to celebrate Poetry Month this April as a Participant in the Exit Strata CoCo Online Series,
‘Inspiration, Community, Tradition: 30 posts from 30 poets on 30 poets in 30 days”
What we’re looking for is breadth: to have this month introduce our community to the universe of poetry that affects and alters ourselves and our
colleagues, others with whom we may share a practice but whose influences are vastly different than our own.

As we read and write this work, other poets become important to us for a million different reasons, often ones we could never entirely anticipate or explain — in observing our community one quickly notices that each person’s own relationship with poetry has grown in diverse and unexpected ways, with little known, local, foreign, or forgotten poets taking up solid and subtantial residence in the heart, mind, and psyche of each — in turn, altering inestimably our relationship to craft.
When we are in school or in workshop, perhaps even more than from the didactic intention we glean from our *community* a richness of engagement and influence, as density of dialogue provides each of its participants an unending supply of suggestions — names, books, poems, movements, and so on.
An introduction to an entirely new voice that speaks to you, as an adult out of these systems, is a rare and potentially life-altering gift… one that Exit Strata’s international creative network has the chance to offer all of us, as we replicate that atmosphere here in the virtual Commons.
That said, try to avoid the obvious. If you have been changed or inspired by poets in translation, forgotten poets, local poets, or so on, we are particularly interested in these less-represented voices. Yes, living poets are very much OK — encouraged, in fact. We believe in support and promotion, and being a poet is tough going.
In terms of content, here’s what we ask of you:
Name and Brief Bio (and/or links to bio, websites, etc) of Poet Chosen
Succinct musing (assuredly NOT an oxymoron!) on why this work affects you
Excerpt(s) of their work
Short poem or Excerpt of *your* work (inspired by, even tangentially, the poet) with a one-line bio about yourself and any links to ‘you’ online.
What I need from you immediately isDate: 1st and 2nd choice (please note: the 1st, 3rd, 8th, 11th, 15th, and 30th are taken as of 8am Friday 3/23).
Poet: 1st and 2nd choiceFirst come, first served — you will only be asked to submit for a different day or do a different poet if there are other, earlier requests for the same.You must submit your blog via email, to at least 3 days prior to intended post date.
Please give me a week if you require or wish for editorial advice or think you will need editing.
I will reply with a confirmation of your date and poet upon receipt.
I also request humbly that you let me know if you are NOT interested so that I can offer your slot (held for now) to someone else. Thank you!
Lynne DeSilva-Johnson
Poetry/Ephemera/Web Editor, Exit Strata

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