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HELIOPOLIS presents The Industrious Revolution, May 2010

The Heliopolis Project is a storefront gallery and project space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY dedicated to fostering a dialogue across all disciplines of making.
Founded in 2010 by Eliza Swann and Jason Grabowski, Heliopolis has recently expanded. Collaboratively run, its members now include Bill Abdale, Georgia Elrod, Baris Gokturk, Leo Goldsmith, Rachel Rakes, Sarada Rauch and Andy Wolf.
The first show curated by the new members was Soft Opening, March 9th-April 11th, 2012.
The space was established to support artists with experiments in literature and art and to foster interdisplinary and translocal dialogues by hosting poets and artists in residence from around the US. As the economy and art market plummeted in the past few years a tightly knit arts community emerged that granted themselves authority over their own work and gave each other mutual permission and support to pursue an alternative way of thinking about the purpose and formal nature of art.
In the words of Kenneth Rexroth: “This world has its own major writers, its own discoveries, its own old masters, its own tradition and continuity. This means that poetry has become an actual social force.”  With no geographical limitations a community of mutual encouragement and inspiration has occurred; poetic responses to visual art and vice versa have placed the lyric firmly within the social world. 
Visit or stop by to see An Art Show, An Art Show, the current show of paintings and drawings by Ray Lopez.

Ray Lopez, An Art Show, An Art Show: 4/20/12

Drawings and Paintings by Ray Lopez
OPENING  Friday  April 20th 7-10PM
Ray Lopez’s diverse body of work encompasses several genres, from sweet devotional portraits to grotesque scenes, and from politically conscious images to quirky reimaginings of movie posters. While he has shown in numerous group exhibitions at Hospital Audiences, Inc.Bronx Art Space and The Point, this is his first solo show – curated by J Grabowski and Andy Wolf. Ray lives and works in NYC. 
[Editor’s Note: Man, are we psyched to share the love with/of/on/allover Heliopolis! They had me at “Sun City,” when Exit Strata CoCollaborator, the painter Georgia Elrod, first invited me to a show a few years ago — but now it’s even more exciting to watch this collective’s evolution as their curatorial team cements.
You can see as you follow the links above that this collective is of like mind: it includes and integrates a variety of disciplines (painting, multimedia, installation, conceptual art, film, criticism, publishing, poetry, etc) not only within its selections but also within its curators – and the result is an incredibly unique space and collection of AWESOME CREATORS! …I know. They had you at Rexroth.]

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