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This is Bayo Akomolafe’s plenary talk at ISEC’s Economics of Happiness conference held in Byron Bay, Australia in March 2013. Bayo is a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Covenant University, Nigeria. For more information about the conference or ISEC’s work, go to

Bayo Akomolafe: We Will Tell Our Stories from The Economics of Happiness on Vimeo.
The ISEC’s Economics of Happiness Conference (March 2013) brought visionaries from across the world to share and strengthen ties on localization as an economic strategy and global palette for a world shift. It was hosted by the progressive community of Byron Bay in Australia.
Nothing defines Bayo as the word ‘subversion’. A recovering psychologist, retired apologist, and aching adventurer, Bayo is a 29-year-old lecturer and Doctor of Clinical Psychology at the Department of Psychology at Covenant University (Nigeria), and one of the co-founders of Koru, a social network for a new emerging world. His talks and rebellious streak have taken him across the world to speak on the need to shift our collective perceptions, and change the stories we tell today. He is blissfully entangled with Ej, an Indian-Iranian-British-Nigerian biotechnologist, and refuses to call her his wife (because she transcends the definition!). Bayo is currently writing a number of books, and hopes to finish some of them before the next ice age. You can connect with him via Facebook or email 

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