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WORK ONLY :: Breakfast with Laura Braslow: Street Aesthetics and Neighborhood Change

Happy New Year! 
Many new collaborations and partnerships will be coming your way soon — as a teaser we thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce you to artist Shanna Maurizi‘s terrific WORK ONLY series, which we will be hosting here for your enjoyment and inspiration.
Maurizi’s been working on WORK ONLY for some years now, and has recently returned from a hiatus — to make her frank, hysterical film HOW TO MAKE IT IN FILMMAKING (more on that later) — with this interview, an intimate and refreshing conversation with Laura Braslow, co-founder of Arts in Bushwick (along with the artist Chloë Bass, she of the Bureau of Self-Recognition, whom you already know from her Field Notes here with us). 

Shanna Maurizi is a visual artist  who has lived in Bushwick for 10 years. She says:
By day I work in the film industry.  In 2009, I decided to use my skills for good (art and radical politics) instead of evil (tv and advertising) and started making my own content.  Work Only has been on hiatus for a year but it’s back, and will be publishing regularly. 
Going forward, I’m going to be focusing on the “In the studio” type pieces with artists.  I try to make each piece different, and I don’t profile people, but instead am interested in finding an entry point with the projects or ideas they are engaged with.  I’ve developed a form for the videos, borrowed from ethnographic film, of stating the question in text, rather than propping up the illusion that the subject is somehow talking directly to the viewer.  Beyond these concerns, I go wherever things take me.
I loved this video as soon as I saw it and Exit Strata is thrilled to be hosting WORK ONLY moving forward. We’re pretty confident that wherever Maurizi decides to go, we’ll be all too happy to follow along. ONWARD!

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