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[box][teaser] Below you will find general guidelines for submissions to our publication projects, but perhaps you realize a “guideline” is pretty anathema to The Operating System’s mission, so yes: if you have a question or something you want to share or do or contribute or collaborate on, and it doesn’t fit quite with what you see below, just send an email to and you’ll receive a response asap. If you’re interested in submitting a manuscript to The OS Press for review, please see the guidelines on our PUBLISH page.[/teaser][/box][line]

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 1.11.59 PM[h3]OPEN SUBMISSIONS: WEB[/h3]
[box]The Operating System is always in the process of resilient reinvention. This platform was designed as a hub for forwardthinking, proactive creators — individuals and groups who wish to become more than the sum of our parts, together.
Current webcontent streams of production derive from all corners of The OS’s geographic and virtual community landscape – here,  collaborators, partners and contributors have an always available opportunity for online publication and dialogue, whether in a sustained fashion or in a single post.[/box]
[h5]Ongoing webseries to which unsolicited submissions are accepted include:[/h5]
[h4]FIELD NOTES (Open Source Creative Process Documentation)[/h4]
The Field Notes series is a place to share and reflect on your work — and life — with our creative community. Running continuously since our inception, this series offers creative practitioners from all disciplines an opportunity to take us behind the scenes. This can be approached in a vast variety of ways and in a multitude of forms: from the direct documentation of work, activity, production, place, conversation, etc., in text, photo, video, audio, etc. to a more involved process in which a practitioner opts to take the field notes themselves on AS a practice — creating singular or serial documentation of work-in-progress or a particular project over a period of time. Previous entries have included composers, scientists, visual artists, choreographers, poets, journalists, and more — sharing journal pages, recordings, sketches, interview notes, lists, photos,… nothing is inadmissable. We’re also interested in shining the light here on what it means to live a creative LIFE in the other, invisible hours — whether that means you’re a writer who spends his summers on an Alaskan Fishing Rig, or a neurobiologist discovering gold in the seeming jibberish of your journal pages.
SUBMIT TO FIELD NOTES HERE or email if you’re interested in running serial documentation.
[RE:CON]VERSATIONS, as its name might suggests, seeks to create value in doing “recon” in conversation form around the production of otherwise ephemeral creative production. How can we, in our role as auto-archivist-ontologist-documentarians, leave a trail for ourselves and for others that exceeds and extends the value of a performance, exhibit, lecture, reading, or other event?
This is a space for solo or collaborative interview, conversation, annotation, reflection, or other expository exploration of the research, development, production, (etc) aspects of the creative process. It is our belief that to “open source” conversations of this type is to create a rich resource of histories within which we may locate our own practice / intentions / ideas and plans, get inspired and gain insights into our craft and community.
SUBMIT TO [RE:CON]VERSATIONS HERE or email to open up a query around your event.

[h4]30/30/30 : INSPIRATION, COMMUNITY, TRADITION (Poetry Month / April; Annual)[/h4]

2016 will be the 5th year of our wildly popular poetry month series, an annual celebration which runs every day during April and hosts a poet** talking about another poet’s influence on their life and work. We’ve had a handful of return contributors but each entry highlights a unique poet — which means that we’ll have an archive of 150 essays on a wide variety of poets and their influence on others in the creative community by the end of the 2016 series!
We’ve also begun a GROUPHUG :: 30/30/30 LIVE! reading event in conjunction with the series, which was hosted in 2015 by the Mental Marginalia reading series at The West in Brooklyn, NY. A 5th Anniversary Celebration (and publication) is in the works.
A formal call for entries begins in January of each calendar year.
However, if you’d like to hold a spot email
You can find an archive of links for 2012-14 in the 2015 call for entries here.
(**The series is also open to non-poets writing on poetic influence on their practice!)
[h5] Our wide-reaching community content has also included the following: [/h5]

  • The AWESOME CREATORS series, which strives to profile individuals and collectives who model creative / organizational behaviors that benefit the community both online and off. The OS is always open to suggestions of people you know, or organizations you are in or are familiar with who fit this model.  Often, this series familiarizes The OS’s audience with the work of its ongoing creative partners like 100,000 POETS FOR CHANGEHELIOPOLIS PROJEKT, OPENINGS COLLECTIVE, or BASiC THEATRE PROJECT — a group to which you are invited to add your organization if you are dedicated to using creative practice to empower, open dialogue, and encourage social change. Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you are or know of an organization that you feel fits this description!
  • There have also been a wide range of skillsharing/lifehack/prompt series [Eric Meyer’s FUCK THE MUSE, Caits Meissner’s TRANSCRIBING THE JOURNEY, Jennifer Sert’s #RESOURCES for #RESILIENCE, etc.) which originated out of a community member’s idea or outside work. The OPERATING SYSTEM is expanding to offer hosting to not only previously unpublished content but also original content from individuals and organizations that may not be enjoying as wide an audience as it deserves; if you are creating content (or are familiar with someone else’s work) that fits this bill, please be in touch! [line] [line]

[textwrap_image align=”left”][/textwrap_image][h3]PRINT[/h3]
The OS is currently in the process of recalibrating our periodical print output as an extension/archival document of our digitally native texts and content.  Since The OS’s inception, I have become increasingly concerned with the physical archiving of born-digital media; in keeping with The OS’s mission to create a dialogue between print and digital media as well as our desire to challenge and evolve the role of open source publication, we will instead open our online platform for rolling submissions of original creative content in addition to our ongoing series — which will in turn be selected for inclusion in future edited volumes.
Please check back for more information soon!
In the meanwhile, if you are interested in publishing a longer project on paper with us, please review our PRESS submission guidelines.
[teaser]Email with any questions.[/teaser]
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