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The OPERATING SYSTEM is a question,

not an answer.



[teaser] THIS is not a fixed entity. It is an ongoing experiment in resilient creative practice which necessarily morphs as its conditions and collaborators change. It is not a magazine, or a website, but rather an ongoing dialogue ABOUT the act of publishing on and offline: it is an exercise in the use and design of both of these things and their role in our shifting cultural landscape, explored THROUGH these things. [/teaser]




[teaser] Whether on or offline, all publishing produced by the The OS can be most accurately described as documentation: an archive of creative production and process. But… WHY PUBLISH? to exemplify a belief that people everywhere can train themselves to use self(or community)-documentation as the lifeblood of a resilient, independent, successful creative practice.  [/teaser]

[teaser] If you pay attention to the entrepreneurial winds that blow, you may have noticed that “storytelling” has stopped whispering in the sidelines, from TED and The Moth and all the outlier early social media folk, coming front and center to bellow that it is the NEXT BIG THING in …marketing and business.[/teaser]

[teaser] Wait, what? You may ask, Why are we talking about BUSINESS? I’m an artist/poet/musician/creator, and I hate focusing on money, I want to focus on my ART! Same… and that’s exactly why we’re talking about business. So you can do your art, better prepared to continue doing so successfully. [/teaser]


[h4] YES: The Operating System, always, offers a platform for mutual expression, appreciation, collaboration, dialogue, interdisciplinary exploration — and a place to celebrate the growing relationship between digital and print media. But in so doing, The Operating System is ultimately an exercise in the self-actualization of viable models  for growing value.[/h4]


[teaser] I want you to not only MAKE, I want you to THRIVE. One often finds, however, that the available ways of SUPPORTING our expression, without having to lead double lives in other jobs or being destitute, are often non sustainable. What if we could shift our bad habits, and model new ones for ourselves and each other? [/teaser]

[teaser] This experiment is meant to be copied – to be an open source/p2p life hack, in which creative people can practice and observe new ways to create, collaborate, document, publish — and, importantly, enter a space of independent commercial viability — via learning to go beyond our disciplinary comfort zones; to reach a new, shared audience; and to self-publish/promote in a range of media. You, as a creative person, may find yourself an “Accidental Entrepreneur”™, and I want to help you remove the accidental from that phrase: to help you find intentionality in a desire, and plan, to thrive. [/teaser]

[h4] The name “THE OPERATING SYSTEM” is meant to speak to an understanding of the self as a constantly evolving organism, which just like any other system needs to learn to adapt if it is to survive. Just like your computer, you need to be “updating your software” frequently, as your patterns and habits no longer serve you.[/h4]

[teaser] This online home offers exclusive online content from artists, filmmakers, musicians, performers, and writers, as well as in depth profiles of the Awesome Creators who make up our global community, across a wide range of disciplines. This content aims to explore the processes that inform and facilitate creative production, valuating and documenting models for further dialogue, exploration, and co-collaborative discovery on and offline. It is meant as an archive, not a newspaper – this content remains searchable and viable for personal and public use from its inception, and it is hoped that it can become a teaching tool both for institutional use and autodidacts alike.[/teaser]

[teaser] All print media produced is always in direct dialogue with this online publication, with each of these platforms seen equally as a document of community process and experimentation more than “product.”  Print media focuses on explorations of the page, and intentionally address the imagination landscape of that particular form of “information”: how typography, layout, mixing of media, and design vocabularies play a role in the expression and receipt of both creative and apparently “empirical” content. [/teaser]


[teaser] All community members and contributors are invited to play and participate in collaboratory process both in the interest of building connections and co-creating work as well as in the collective production of content for each issue. This includes collaboration with offsite contributors via correspondence and other forms of digital connection, focusing on creating new models for engagement between contributors via a range of disciplinary experimentation, eschewing labels that delimit our forms or concepts of craft-identity. [/teaser]


[teaser] To date, a rotating team of creative people from a range of disciplines have come together to produce three PRINT! issues, the most recent volume of which (PRINT > Vol. 3) represents the official re-launch under THE OS titular umbrella; Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 were published under the now retired “Exit Strata” moniker. Other physical documentation includes the PRINT! DOCUMENT chapbook series as well as print publication for and around curated events such as Exhibit A, held at Launchpad Brooklyn in June 2013. Submissions for PRINT > Vol.4 are open through March 2014, and pitches for online participation and guest blogging are always welcome. (See submissions page for guidelines.) [/teaser]

[teaser] If you are an audio-ic, filmic, or other performer/creator/polymath who feels they would best be suited for webcontent or otherwise wishes to be in contact (accolades and financial backing are particularly welcome!) you can do so at: [/teaser]

[h5]ONWARD! So excited you’re here.[/h5]


photo 5

The OPERATING SYSTEM> PRINT! Vol. 3 Co-Editors Benjamin Wiessner (l) and Lynne DeSilva-Johnson (r) with shiny new copies of at the issue launch celebration on 10/17/13 at Launchpad in Brooklyn, NY.


[for full list of Collaborators and Contributors, bios, and further information click here]

Lynne DeSilva-Johnson – Managing Editor |
Peter Milne Greiner – Deputy Editor |
Jay Besemer – Contributing Editor, Multimedia Curator
Joe Pan / Brooklyn Arts Press – Editorial/Organizational Ally
Kevin William Reed – Asst. Editor, Print Vol 3; Cover Design for Print: Document Chapbook Series; Contributor
Eric Meyer – Cover Design, Print Vol 3; Fuck The Muse Web Series; Contributor; Reader; Digital Consultant


From 2011-Spring 2013, OS founder Lynne DeSilva-Johnson and the following folks (and a large cast of collaborators, creators, and friends) began and/or supported the foundation of an “art and literature” magazine that we called “Exit Strata,” and under the umbrella of which the original chapbook series, two print volumes, and a large number of wonderful events took place. The web community and original web content solicited and developed under the Exit Strata moniker by Lynne and Ben Weissner evolved into the platform that became The Operating System, and all content was migrated to the new site in 2013. Together, with Kevin William Reed, Peter Milne Greiner, and Eric Meyer, the two produced the final collaborative PRINT: VOL.3, published in the Fall of 2013, under The Operating System, which has since focused on long form online storytelling, interviews and conversations, as well as the growth of its thriving press.

Note: If you’ve by chance happened upon a version of the Exit Strata site still present online, please note that original co-founder and author Douglas Wright maintains a limited evergreen version of the site for his own purposes that in no way is reflective of the site as it existed, without any of the content now live on the OS, and without input or collaboration from any of the other personnel listed below. 

Ben Wiessner (Founding Editor, Print Vol 1-3/Exit Strata and The OS)
Jonathan Rose (Founding Editor, Co-Ed. Print Vol 1/Exit Strata)
Douglas Wright (Founding Editor, Co-Ed. Print Vol 1-2/Exit Strata)
Owen Hope (Origins, Branding/Design Consultant, General Merriment)
Taylor Quilty (Operations Intern, 2013)


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