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Dear Friends Old and New:

I’ve loved the Krishnamurti quote above for many years. It reminds me that it’s ok not to be ok – or at least, that it’s ok to have a difficult time feeling “normal” when the world around you is full of systematized injustice and hatred. In fact — be proud of yourself if you’re still feeling it. You are human. You’ve held on to vulnerability and tenderness in the face of great tragedy. Our bodies refusing to go along with the “program” tells me there’s hope for us yet.
But we can’t do it alone. As we make our way through these trying and disheartening days, it is more important than ever that we join together in community. The whole being more than the sum of its parts shows itself now, as I leave heartfelt, soulful gatherings restored — where I had walked in a shell of myself, I walked out with a warm heart beating, feeling possibility, once more.

I want to create space for this however I can.
I want to hold space for you, here, and now.

It’s also much harder to do it without strategic skills — with the emotional (and in turn physical!) muscles that will help us stay mindful and on course when we are tested and challenged more than ever.

My meditation practice has been saving me these days, but I don’t have a class or studio that I go to — and I miss the community spaces that have given me so much life in the past. And I also realized that many are seeking tools in this time, and knew I could help. So, I decided to extend the healing this practice brings me to my community, by offering an ongoing, very informal, heartfelt, no-expectations meditation session here in my home, once or twice a week. It might turn out to be even more frequent, if there is demand. I practice daily.

I’m so excited to have you!

–  Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, OS Founder / Lead Facilitator

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sessions are held from 7:30-9:30

(open doors at 7:30, practice begins at 8)

141 Spencer Street, #203

Brooklyn NY 11205 **there is no bell!

call or text 917 579 7157 (lynne) or

404 402 7597 (joe) when you arrive.



Keep in mind / what to expect:

– this is not a zendo, and while my practice is informed primarily by buddhist principles and 12 years of quaker meeting in my youth, what we’ll be doing here is sharing a nonsectarian moment for slowing down, reflection, centering, and mindfulness, drawing on a wide range of influences.

– you may sit however you like, and move if you are uncomfortable.

– our meditation will be guided, with some music, and we will join in a few exercises and discussion to frame our practice. we will have a very brief silence within this time.

– there is room for sharing. if you feel moved to bring something (short) that you’ve read or written, that you feel could serve our efforts, you are welcome to do so.

– there will be time before and after for mingling and tea. you are welcome to bring snacks if you are inspired, but again: no expectations. this should feel easy and non pressured.

do please let me know if you are coming and have any allergies we should know about!
and: no alcohol, please.

– this will be in my home! it is a refuge and the heart of The Operating System, the organization and press that I run. there is a cat, but we promise, as we have allergies ourselves, that she is hypoallergenic.

– there will be a give-what-you-can donation of $5-$20, but no one will be turned away. 

It heartens me that you feel moved to join in this way in this time with me.
I’m so looking forward to holding space with you. 

Please RSVP via text to the numbers above or via email to so we know how many people to expect!



You are welcome to share this invitation.


1942 Amsterdam Ave NY (212) 862-3680

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